Monday, June 28, 2010

Guess I'm Not Sweet... I Didn't Melt

The air conditioner isn't fixed, exactly, but things are much better, and I didn't melt.

Well, I kind of had a melt down from the allergies, but I'll survive.

Somebody did something intelligent. Although they didn't really get the new air conditioning unit installed over the weekend, they did get it delivered on Saturday, and managed to hook it up even though it was still sitting on a flat bed trailer outside the building. They completed the connections Sunday morning, and it's been sitting out there functioning ever since.

That's a photo of the unit sitting out in the parking lot from Sunday afternoon. I know it looks odd. I took it at an odd angle looking almost straight down on it from the 4th floor. But there are flexible pipes and cables running out of it that you can't see because they were cut out of the photo by the window frame.

I shut the windows and after two or three hours it got down to 80 degrees, and has been between that and about 75 degrees ever since. Very livable.

Unfortunately, with the windows being open for a while, and especially with the fan going in the window, it filled my apartment with grass pollen, particulates and other allergens, and I've been fighting with the allergies ever since. I could barely breathe yesterday! It's getting better, but it was so warm that I wasn't sleeping well, and allergies always make me sleepy, so most of what's left of the allergies is the sleepiness at this point.

So, I think I'm just going to take a nap and feel better.

Have a great week!

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