Thursday, April 22, 2010

The AC Is On!

The air conditioning is on, and it's not a moment too soon!

It's only going up to about 70 degrees today, but that means it'll be somewhere between 80 and 90 in my apartment without the AC. And it'll be warmer all the rest of the week.

But the real reason is that my post nasal drip was so bad last night that I didn't get much sleep because I couldn't fall asleep because I kept feeling like I was drowning. And I woke up today, not only with a sore throat, but the kind of sore throat that feels like someone's in there cutting it up with a knife.

But there were a lot of noises around 2:30, and for a moment I thought someone was knocking at the door, but it was just the temperature changes affecting various parts of the building because the AC was on!


I happened across the strangest animal on the internet today. It's a pig with the coat of a sheep! You really have to see this! At first glance, I thought someone had done something weird with PhotoShop, but after reading the story and looking a little more closely, it looks like a real wooly pig! I wonder if there will be any pig fiber at the Sheep and Wool Festival.


There will be a new Doctor Who on BBC in America on Saturday! They will repeat the first new episode of the season, The Eleventh Hour, and also show the second new episode of the season, The Beast Below.

Find listings of what's playing over the next few weeks here, and a listing of all the Doctor Who episodes up until this season and most of the new episodes here. You have to scroll way down to see this (new) season's episodes, and they don't have all the names up yet, but it does help.

If you read that second list, you'll find that the weeping angels will be back in a two part episode, and it will be written by Steven Moffat, who wrote the original weeping angels story, Blink! I have yet to find anyone, whether Doctor Who fan or not, who didn't love Blink!


I have to get going. I need to take more antihistamines and decongestants!

Hope you're having a less allergy-ridden day than I am!

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