Monday, November 16, 2009

Quiet Tuesday

I've been doing some investigation on TiVo, and it sounds like a good deal.

Essentially, it would just be replacing my junky, chronically malfunctioning DVR from Comcast (which has a maximum recording space of 50 hours) with an excellent, top-of-the-line DVR from TiVo (which has an SD recording capacity of 180 hours, and can be expanded with a terabyte hard drive to almost infinity).

The details (if I understand it correctly) would include not paying Comcast $16 per month for the DVR, but $2 (?) for card(s) and TiVo $13 per month. If the info on TiVo is right about the card price, I would have a net savings of $1 per month. The catch is that I would have to buy the TiVo box for $150 (refurbished). Aside from the initial fee, it sounds like a fabulous deal.

Bear in mind that a new DVR (even if it is a TiVo) will not prevent Comcast from failing to broadcast closed captioning on a particular channel, or prevent them from doing THREE weekly tests in less than two hours, or any of the other junk they do. But it will at least give me a great DVR.

I'll be checking the details when I talk to the Comcast representative who will be here on Thursday. I suspect that his real agenda will be to sell us more stuff, but since that's not my agenda, I don't think that's going to happen.


This will be a busy week for me. Tomorrow, I get the permanent caps on my teeth and one last cavity filled at my dental appointment. I will then actually be able to bite into something without fear of my front teeth breaking. Well, I will after a few days, when my gums heal. They have to drill and do other work below the gum line, so I know that my gums will not be happy for a few days.

Thursday, there will be a Comcast representative here to discuss our service with us. I have to organize my thoughts, and calm myself to keep from screaming at him.

And Friday is the yearly inspection of our apartments. Oh, joy!

I shouldn't complain. It's partly to keep things working well. They check the seals on the refrigerator, and stuff like that.


If you read the page at i09, you'll find that they were not overly impressed with The Prisoner last night. I'm hoping it will improve tonight. Throughout the original Prisoner, Patrick McGoohan fights back, whereas this particular number 6 was beginning to cave in the second episode. It might have the capacity to

And I made a mistake. It will be rerun again tonight, but only once, at 6pm (here), followed by a new episode, shown twice. But the rest of tonight includes four hours of Ghost Whisperer reruns on SyFy, brand new episodes of Heroes, The Big Bang Theory, and Castle.

In the meantime, I have lots to do.

Have a great evening!

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