Friday, November 6, 2009

Christmas Is Coming! Christmas Is Coming!

Christmas is coming in only 49 days!

Is there someone on your Christmas gift list that leaves you completely at a loss for what to get for them? Is there someone you want to get something really special?

Well, I need money, and because of that, I'm willing to spend some time and effort making presents for others. I can make something completely designed specifically for that special person. This will be something you won't see elsewhere.

Is your intended recipient a science fiction fan? The most memorable SF knit of all time is probably Doctor Who's scarf, but there were plenty of knits in Twilight, and I've knit dozens of Harry Potter scarves and hats. But it doesn't have to be limited to that. From the new Doctor Who, Rose wore a lot of knits. Her Boomtown scarf was beautiful. In Doomsday, she wore a gorgeous pair of mitts, and there was a photo of her in a gorgeous knitted slouch hat with a brim. It doesn't end there. Almost any SF movie has knits in it.

Do you know someone who's family tree is from Scandinavia or Ireland? Or somebody who just likes Celtic knots or beautiful things? I have done some really amazing things with Celtic knots in garments, and I can do it for you, too.

Here's a photo of the top of the hood from one sweater I'm working on.

And here's a Saint John's cross from the back of the sweater. A Saint John's cross is a Viking symbol of happiness, so the sweater is a symbol of good wishes.

Here's the version from the sleeve. Please notice that the cables at the bottom of the cross come right off the surface of the sleeve and become a tie to make the cuff ruffled (which will make it warmer), although it can be worn with it loose to be a romantic medieval sleeve and be a little cooler.

The bottom of the sweater is wider to make it fit better and be more flattering, and the extra width was achieved using a gusset, so I used the opportunity to add another variation of a Saint Johns cross.

Variations of these motifs would look great on a hat. I can also do knitted Viking Runes. Other cables or special knots can be created for almost any kind of garment, but for a Christmas present, I'd suggest something that doesn't require a lot of fitting, like a hat, scarf, mitts, wimple or shawl. I plan to make a bag for my runes with four runes on the bag: Fehu for wealth and prosperity, Algiz for protection, Wunjo for joy or happiness, and Sowelo for success. These runes would also work for other things, too.

And then, there are always things like a Santa hat. And, if you knit, the Santa hat directions are still available through this website.

And I could make a stocking for you or for you to give. Here's a sample of one I made for myself with my spinning wheel in the background and some Christmas lights. Everything on the stocking sparkles, and the star beads are glow-in-the-dark.

Other color schemes are available, too.

Anyway, let your imagination go crazy and let me know what you want.

There's lots of good stuff on TV, so have a great evening and a wonderful weekend!

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