Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

In honor of Thanksgiving, for all you Arlo Guthrie fans out there (like me) I'm giving you a chance to hear a slightly updated version of that Thanksgiving classic, Alice's Restaurant Massacree. The whole thing is only available in three parts, so you'll have to click on the next one when the previous one stops. Sorry.

There's an even more updated version of this where Arlo talks about touring the Pentagon, and discovering that they are manufacturing and distributing arcade games to teach the next generation of Americans how to fly fighter planes and fight in a war!

And then there's the Multi-colored Rainbow Roach Affair, which is not related to anything but a weird story.

I tried to find them both for you, but couldn't.

And if you are an Arlo Guthrie fan, I'm sure you've heard the Motorcycle song. But you may not have heard his story of the significance of the pickle. So, here it is, just in case you didn't understand about the pickle.

He was such a cutie!

Here he is doing Stevie Goodman's City of New Orleans:

You can listen to Coming into London on You Tube if you want, too. Who says Arlo only did folk?

For those of you who love the blues, Saint James Infirmary was one of his best. The acoustics of the place they did this were kind of echoy, but it still has heart!

One of my favorite memories of Arlo, though was one night he and David Bromberg showed up after their local gigs on the Gene Shay show. The two of them got to playing a risque tune, and had an impromptu competition to see who could make up the raunchiest lyrics to it on the spot. They were supposed to be off the air at midnight, but it ran 20 minutes over because everyone was having so much fun! And being so rowdy!

This is the song they were doing. Here, David is playing with Jorma Kaukonen.

And the two of them aren't trying to make up off-color lyrics like David and Arlo were doing that night.


To give you something else to hope to be thankful for, here's some info on a contest by Berroco, where you can win all the Barbara Walker stitch dictionary books! Click the link in the sidebar on the right.


All this is my Thanksgiving present to you!

Now, tell me what you're thankful for this year!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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