Monday, September 29, 2008

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I want to start off with some knitting, since I haven't been writing about that for a while.

Accomplished procrastinator that I am, I've managed to put off knitting the sleeves for my Celtic sweater by working on this poncho.

It was originally slated to be a Ravelympics project, but I doubted that I'd finish it. Well, I didn't even start it before the end! So, at this point, I am down into the border around the bottom and nearly finished with the first skein of Lion Brand Homespun. I have two skeins of that, and I expect to probably use all of it. I promise a photo when it's done.


When I originally moved into where I live now, I got a lot of stuff out of storage that had been there for a while. It got dumped in the bedroom with a promise that I'd unpack it a little at a time. As mentioned earlier, I'm really good at procrastination.

In the middle of October, the management at the apartment place will be inspecting apartments. There were still a lot of boxes in the bedroom when they came through last year and they OKd it, but said that if it was still that way for this year's inspection it would not be OK!

So, I'm trying to make a decent dent in it every day so I don't break my back in a couple of weeks.

The good part of that is that I'm finding clothes I had forgotten I had (just when I need them for Fall and Winter) and things to sell!

One of those things is an Ashford distaff (shown below).

This was intended for an Ashford Traditional Wheel. You can see how it looks on the wheel here. That little block of wood on the left in the photo will fasten to any narrow, flat piece to support the distaff. A few years ago, I saw some small, unfinished stools in the craft stores that had a hole in the middle of the seat that probably would support the distaff just fine.

If you are interested, leave a comment.


You may have noticed that I'm putting a row of asterisks to separate topics. That way, if you aren't interested in the knitting, you can skip to the science fiction or whatever.

There has been progress made on the cover for the first Steve Canyon DVD (see the Special Edition here) of the series. John and I have been on iChat and the phone and been sending files back and forth, and have been having an exciting time putting together the first cover.

We're down to the nitpicking details at this point.

I mentioned to him how exciting it was, and he said not to exaggerate. I asked how many people he knew that were doing covers for DVDs (excluding us), and he said, "42, excluding Douglas Adams!"

So, now that the front cover is almost done, we have the spine and back cover to do. At least.

I'm excited! 

No matter what he says.


Well, I don't plan to work late on the cover because there's so much science fiction and other good shows on TV tonight!

The SciFi people, in their wisdom, are showing four more episodes of Lost, in their effort to help me catch up to what's happening. As you know, I missed out on the beginning of the first season, and have been lost ever since as far as the show goes. But it's getting good!

Over on NBC, they are trying to duplicate their Monday science fiction night from last year. The evening starts with the season premier of Chuck. Aside from having Adam Baldwin (whom I love from Firefly), I find I always tend to enjoy SF or spy stories where the science fiction (or spying) is mixed in with healthy doses of everyday reality (like working in a store). Somehow it always makes the SF or spying more real.

We'll be getting to see the third episode of the new season of Heroes right after Chuck!

Then, they'll be showing the season premier of Life, which is not SF, but good. It's about a cop who was convicted of a crime, sent to prison, cleared, and then freed and given an award in the form of a cash settlement that is big enough to live on forever, but he goes back to being a cop because he likes it. Check it out!

Tomorrow, on their daytime rotation, the SciFi Channel will be showing Jake 2.0, one of my favorites.

We won't be getting a new Eureka, though, or any Eureka at all tomorrow evening.

We will be getting The Mentalist (CBS), and Fringe (Fox), though.

Check your TV schedules and have a great beginning-of-the-week!

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