Friday, September 12, 2008

Hi! It's Friday!

It's Friday, and tomorrow I will be at the Renfair, so don't expect a post.

And today, I have lots of stuff to do, food shopping (because I need some), a trip to the library (a book came in), filling out more paperwork (because it's the only way I'll be rid of it) and laundry (which I hate, because it exposes me to all sorts of allergens and makes me want to pass out afterward). So, I have to get started on that.

The paperwork will be easier because I finally got System 9.2 installed, so I can now use Quark XPress to write letters. I know that XPress is overkill if all I wanted to do is write letters, but I have it so that I can do other things with it, and since I'm so used to working with it, it's a shame not to use the program that makes things easy for me.

Finally! It's taken me more than a year to get this computer up and running and capable of doing what I need to do on it! And, I even got the cable earlier this week to plug into the internet permanently and not have to run a cable across the living room floor and then unplug it when I'm done with the internet. 

I have a whole pile of knitting projects that just need a few more stitches and/or some blocking to be finished. If I don't get them done tonight (unlikely), I may make a stab at them on Sunday, depending on how bad I feel. I expect to be doing a lot of walking tomorrow, and that usually makes me feel bad the next day.

I know. That actually means that I should be doing more walking every day to build up to it.

So, anyway, photos coming up real soon now.

There is news on Dollhouse! Check it out!

For all you Steve Canyon fans, be sure to check the Steve Canyon on DVD blog tomorrow! There will be big news. I've been sworn to secrecy (due to having gotten details wrong in the past), but can tell you that John has big things planned. While you're there, you can get the special edition DVD at a good discount. 

H, have a great weekend!

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