Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Autumn Equinox!

It's officially Autumn!

Today, the day and night portion of the entire day will be equal lengths. Days will get shorter as they've been doing since June.

It's time to get prepared for those gloomy Winter months, as I've been doing for a while with my hat/mittens/scarf set.

I should be out doing things today, but I don't feel well, and don't want to stray too far from a bathroom. So, no bus rides for me. I'm not sick. Just blah.

The premier season is really getting underway on TV at this point.

After a day of Dark Angel, the SciFi Channel will be showing 4 more episodes of Lost tonight starting at 7:00 pm (here). 

At 8 pm, NBC will be showing a recap of the previous season of Heroes, followed by the two hour premier of the new season of Heroes

Also at 8, The Sarah Connor Chronicles will be on.

For those of you who feel that three things you want to watch on at the same time is causing scizophrenia, G4 had the episodes of Lost that were shown on SciFi on later in the week last week, so it seems reasonable to think that they will do that again next week. Check local listings.

Looking forward to tomorrow night on TV, we will have a new episode of Fringe, a new Eureka, and the premier of The Mentalist, all on at the same time.

To prevent DVR meltdown, it should be noted that the new Eureka will be repeated at midnight, so you can record them all. Oh, and there will be a showing of the Eureka episode from last week at 8, too.

Such excitement!

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