Saturday, December 25, 2010

It's grey, overcast and looks cold outside my window. We have snow flurries forecast for today, with a total expected accumulation of about an inch expected.

Perfect Christmas weather!

Enough snow to look beautiful, but not enough to be a serious problem. No snow has fallen yet, and what we got last week is gone except for where it's been shoveled up in piles and where it fell on the frozen lake behind my apartment. Here's what it looks like now.

You can see how cold and grey it looks. The two little lights are reflections of the lights I have in my window on the glass.

Here's what it looked like out my window the other day:

It kind of looks like a Christmas card, which is why I'm putting it up on the blog today.


I'm spending the day watching sappy Christmas movies (I TiVo'd It's a Wonderful Life, which is Lister's favorite movie, for you Red Dwarf fen) and plan to watch it in a bit, while finishing up the last little bit of most of the Christmas presents I've been making. I'm almost done, with the exception of presents for Holly, which I have started, but there's a lot to do to finish.

I don't expect to get to see anyone today to give them their presents, so it's OK. I really did want to have Holly's presents done for her in time for Christmas, though, even though I won't be seeing her today, or even on her birthday, which is Tuesday.


Knitters' Joy to the World
The following is sung to Joy to the World

     Joy to the world, the sweater's done.

     The vest is also knit.

     And socks and hats and mittens

     As warm and soft as kittens

     Are underneath the tree

     Are underneath the tree

     All knit, all knit, all knit by me

Have the best Christmas ever! I hope you get all the presents you want most, and a wonderful day with family and friends!

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