Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's the First of December, and There Are Only 24 Days Until Christmas!

Happy December!

I can't believe it's December already!

There are still Christmas presents to make!


I have an appointment at the VA Hospital in DC on Friday, and I thought I could find some helpful person or agency that would give me a ride over there. I've been trying, but it hasn't worked out. So, it looks like I'm going to have to be out at the bus stop early, and probably won't be home until the last bus arrives here. There's going to be a lot of walking, and I'm not only going to be exhausted when I get home, but in lots of pain from so much walking.

I'll be talking to someone about getting new hearing aids, and probably getting an ear mold so that they can make the hearing aid just for me. The aids I have now can't be adjusted adequately so that I can actually hear right anymore.

That means that I'm going to have to do this all again when the aids are ready for me to get them.

I'm not looking forward to the trip on Friday or the other one, although I'm hoping that they'll be able to do something that will actually help me hear.

I have in-ear aids, and they just can't provide enough amplification for my right ear, so I'm probably going to have to go to a whole different kind of aid.

I guess I'll find out on Friday.


Signature Needle Arts is having a sweepstakes! The prize is a Signature gift card, so if you're a knitter or want to buy for a knitter, check this out! It looks, if you just read the headline, like you need to buy something to enter, but if you skip down to the fine print at the bottom, there is a way to enter without purchasing anything. When I click on the official rules link, nothing happens, but there is an email address to send for the rules.

Good luck!


Knit Picks currently has many of their books available with a fairly large discount. If you're looking for knitting books for someone, it might be a good idea to check it out.


The major good thing on tonight is Human Target. Wednesdays are pretty disappointing, but I believe there's a new episode of Psych, too, and they've really been promoting it. It's worth checking out.

Have a fabulous evening!

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