Friday, October 29, 2010

Quick Update

Most of the news around here is the weather.

The air conditioning went off Monday a week ago here, and (as reported before). That wasn't too bad for almost the whole of the first week. Of course, that meant the windows were open, so I've been getting big doses of pollen, to which I'm grossly allergic, but the temperature wasn't too bad.

Sunday, the temperatures went up, and they've been up to 75 most of this week. Not only did they turn the AC off, but the heat is on now.

The temperature in my apartment didn't get much over 90 degrees this time, so I got off lightly, at least in that department. It's been over 110 degrees (as a high for the day) in here for extended periods in the past, so 90 is much more livable. But it didn't go below 80 for about a week, either.

Once again, I've had a headache, nausea, muscle aches, extreme exhaustion (I can't stay awake), and I'm just generally sick. And the pollen seems to do something to my head and make it difficult for me to even think.

So, anyway, I haven't been much inclined to write.


The temperatures went down drastically last night, so, although there's still a ton of pollen coming into my apartment, at least I'm not roasting anymore. I was seriously thinking of spending all my days at McDonalds because they have air conditioning.

During all this, we had almost 24 hours of tornado watch in our general area.

OK, the end of that was mostly in Maryland, and about 60 miles away, but the whole general area was being warned. I haven't heard of any tornados actually happening, but it was exciting, nonetheless.


I'll leave you with a small Halloween celebration link. This was sent to my by my sister in an email, and it's wonderful! Please click on the link! I know you'll love it!

Hope you're having a terrific Friday, and will have a wonderful weekend, and a scary Halloween!

If I don't get back on the internet before, have a

Happy Halloween!

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