Thursday, October 21, 2010

Quick Post!

I got out and did some walking today (probably at least a half a mile at a good clip), and I'm pretty tired from it. Everybody seems to be pretty clear on the idea that I should do more walking or other exercise, and I'm trying. But it's hard in the beginning.


Anyway, for all you knitters out there, I found a neat giveaway! Webs will be giving away a Della Q needle case! Check out the link! You have to enter in two places, so read carefully!


A while back, I brought you the R2D2 cell phone, and now I'm bringing you the R2D2 bathing suit!


There's a lot of new stuff on TV tonight, and a lot of Halloween stuff, too! Check your local listings, and I'll update the info soon, when all the stuff isn't on TV now!

BBC in America will be having a Torchwood marathon on during the day tomorrow, so check it out!

Have a great Friday, and an even better weekend!

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