Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Columbus Day!

Happy Columbus Day!

It's Columbus Day, and that may not be a big thing where you live, but in the Washington, DC area, it means huge sales in all the stores!

Happy shopping!

I'm staying home today and knitting!

I got started on the hood for Jeff yesterday, and I have the border around the bottom done, and have started the patchwork above that. Photos soon.

I was up for just a short time, and heard a thump at the door. I looked out, and there was my package from Herrshners. UPS does deliver on Columbus Day!

This is what I saw when I opened the box. The fuzzy stuff is also sparkly, and it will be used to make a sort of furry cuff around the top of some Christmas stockings. A lot of people will be getting their presents in stockings this year. There is lavender, black and white fuzzy yarn. Underneath the white yarn in the photo (and actually covering a while layer under what you can see) is the Bernat Mosaic yarn in the colorway Mosaic. and all the way at the bottom of the box in the photo is my new Addi lace needle in size 7 that's only 16 inches long! Just the size to knit Christmas stockings, not to mention doing the sleeves for my Celtic sweater! The Mosaic is just too, too, beautiful for words! I love it!

This is the box of stuff I've been waiting for! Unfortunately, it took long enough to arrive that I've already started the hood, but I want desperately to dive in and start knitting the Mosaic. I'm restraining myself, though, and plugging away at the hood.

I wonder how long it's going to take to convince myself that I should start knitting stuff for myself in Mosaic because I can wear it as soon as it's knitted, and nobody can use my Christmas presents until Christmas?

Actually, that's an important thought. I really should knit the stuff for me right away! As soon as I finish the current patch on the hood!


I hadn't planned to blog today (or yesterday), but it was 10/10/10 yesterday and it's Columbus Day today, and I just couldn't miss either of those important days! Or wishing Steve a happy birthday.

So, I have some errands to do (which involves the bus and lots of walking and time), and lots of knitting to do this week, so don't expect another blog post for a few days. Or maybe just some little, short ones.


Check out the schedule for BBC in America over the next few weeks. They had three hours of Torchwood on earlier today, and they've been advertising it heavily. There will be more Torchwood on Saturday, too!

There's a new Chuck tonight, too, and a new The Event, Castle, and Hawaii Five-Oh!

Have a wonderful week!

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