Monday, October 25, 2010

No Air Conditioning! Again!

You won't be hearing a lot from me for the next week.

In the Spring and Fall, there is always a period when the air conditioning is needed, but not on in my apartment building, and this is it for the Fall season.

The AC went off last Monday, but it wasn't so bad because we had highs of about 60 degrees all week. Which wasn't bad with the window open. Yesterday, though, the high was about 70 degrees, which brought my indoor temp (with the window open and fan on all day) to somewhere between 80 and 85. Today, it's going to go up to 75, which means (since I couldn't get the temp below 80 degrees overnight) that it's sure to be over 90 in here later today. Part of the problem (as mentioned) is that I can't get it cooled down at night, so each day it's over 60 degrees adds to the afternoon temp. For example, three successive days with a high of 70 degrees outside are likely to produce indoor highs of 80, 85, and 90 degrees respectively. With a high of 70 yesterday, and 75 today, with 70 for a high the rest of the week, we're looking at the likelihood of 83, 95, 100, 105, etc. It makes me want to alternate between taking showers and lying flat in bed. Plus, having the window open and a fan going just drags in tons of allergens!


The good news for today is that Borders sent me an ad via email for a new reader/tablet computer that they will be selling soon.

It's called a Velocity Cruz TabletVelocity Micro Cruz Reader, Black (R101), and it may be a rival for the iPad!

I've been trying to find out if there will be  a keyboard available for it, like the iPad. It promises to be the ultimate book reader, though. It runs on the same Android operating system as my phone, which means it takes many of the same apps, and will connect to my google account.

I can't tell you haw wonderful getting my current Android G1 phone was. When it started up, it asked what my Google email address was. I typed that in, and it came up with all my information. All my phone numbers were instantly on the phone, along with email addresses for everyone I know, etc. The tablet runs on WiFi, and with that connection, can (from what I can tell) do all the things my phone can do (except make phone calls) and a lot more!

It also has a USB connection and an SD card slot so you can upgrade the memory! And it can display PDFs, so all you knitters with a library of PDF knitting patterns can display them and carry all of them around in color!


Tonight, there will be brand new episodes of Chuck, The Event, Castle, and Hawaii Five-O

Each night this week, ABC Family will be running a different Halloween movie. They're all movies that are suitable for children, but some of them are fun, especially The Spiderwick Chronicles, which I watched last night and enjoyed. They'll also be running Halloween movies all this coming weekend. It's worth checking out.

Have a wonderful week! I'll be doing my best to not die of either heat exhaustion or allergy overload!

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