Monday, October 4, 2010

Fall Fiber Fest Aftermath

I'll bet you're all ready to see all the beautiful things I got at the Fall Fiber Fest.

Well, we didn't go.

It was a combination of a lot of things. The bad economy, Holly being low on money due to the new Hummer, the current cost of gas combined with the distance to the Festival, and the torrential rains that happened earlier in the week coupled with our vivid memories of the muddy mess that ensued a few years ago after two days of light rain.

But, in an effort to make up for it all, the universe managed to time my brand new Herrshner's Fall Yarn Sale catalog to arrive on Saturday. So, I had a lot of great yarn to look at! I'd gotten Herrshner's catalogs a few years ago, and thought they only had a poor selection of yucky acrylic yarns, but two years ago, they sent me their Fall Yarn Sale catalog, and I discovered they have lots of wool, alpaca, and many other yarns with natural fibers in them. Not to mention some acrylic yarns that are really nice!

I got my order in today, and if you're interested, check it out. I ordered some Bernat Mosaic yarn, and they're already sold out of some of the colors. I thought I'd have a tough time deciding between their ambrosia colorway and mosaic, but the ambrosia is sold out, so there wasn't much of a choice.

This is the ambrosia colorway:
This is what it looks like made up.

Here's Mosaic, the color I did order:
Here's how it looks made up:

I think I'm going to like it. The only problem with it will be trying to let go of it so that I can give it to someone else as a Christmas present!

They had some yarn I bought to trim Christmas stockings, too.

I got some in the lavender (shown), black and white.

I also, finally, ordered the 16 inch size 7 Addi lace needles! The listing on Herrshner's says the size of the needles, but doesn't say the length. I called up the store and asked them, and the guy I talked to was reading the listing, and assured me that they are 16 inches. Then he said "Holy cow! Those are almost 17 dollars!" I told him that was why I wanted to be sure!


Holly had surgery on her leg today, and planned to go to work afterward. She just called to tell me that it had gone well, and that afterwards she was so stressed out that she decided to call in sick today. She was at a restaurant with Robin when she called and planned to go home and start the cowl that she's supposed to make for the retreat in. The one she hasn't started yet! Oh, and she planned to watch a football game, too. That should be relaxing.


An all new Chuck will be on tonight! And a new Castle!

I apologize for saying that there was an episode of Human Target on Friday. My digital TV Guide said that there was up until it recorded House on Friday evening. I hate it when they do that!

Have a fun evening tonight!

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