Monday, February 22, 2010

Senator McCain, Drug Pusher!

Senator McCain is out to destroy your health, or at least make it a lot more expensive to maintain it!

This move to ban healthy supplements in favor of drugs that have bad side effects that include death is something I find very disturbing!

The drug companies are managing to have their way in so many places, and soon the American people will not have any health care at all, if people like John McCain have their way.

The FDA routinely approves drugs that go on to kill thousands of people, and that seems to be OK with them. I could understand if it was a mistake and the FDA removed these drugs as soon as they found out the ill effects, but they don't. They just tell us it's not so bad!

But at the same time, they attack natural, safe "drugs" that actually work, and have been proven to make patients healthy for as much as 100 years (Armor Thyroid), while promoting drugs that will make the tests come out right, but won't help patients get well.

I'm really sick of it!

I'm so sick of it that I've managed to substitute nutritional supplements (or OTC drugs) for all my health problems except hypothyroidism, for which I'm still dependent on drug pushers (they call themselves "doctors") who want to sell me expensive drugs that will kill me rather than make me well. Sometimes I feel like the doctor is asking me which kind of leech I'd prefer!

So, help yourself and do what you can to lower drug costs by opposing the removal of natural, safe remedies! Read this article.

There is space to enter your personal information, and once you do, the form will fill in your information on the sample letter and send it to the correct legislators for you. You will have the chance to delete or add anything you want to the body of the letter before sending it.

I can see where this is going. They're out to ban some of the only things I can take to correct my physical problems, leaving me only drugs that will (in my particular case) kill me! Please help!

There's another post I put up today after this one, and it's much more fun!

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