Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez!

Yes, I'm a day late and a dollar short, as usual!

Yesterday was Mardi Gras, and I missed it because I was busy trying to get Comcast to give me what I paid for. This has never happened so far, but hopefully, I can manage to keep down the damage they're doing.

And now Mardi Gras is all over, it's Ash Wednesday, and lent has begun. I'm glad I don't observe lent. It sounds depressing, although it does have it's good points, I suppose.

Mardi Gras, though, is all kinds of fun!

So, I hope you had a wonderful day!


I was expecting two packages yesterday, but they both arrived today. It's kind of a good thing they didn't arrive yesterday, though, because I was out all day trying to get Comcast to give me the service I'm paying for (see the last post if you want to be bored with just how bad a large company can make "service.")

More info about the packages coming right up!


I was frantic when I got home yesterday. I checked FedEx tracking, and they said that the TiVo I bought was in Alexandria (on Monday), and that it would be delivered on Tuesday. Alexandria is pretty close, and a Tuesday delivery seemed pretty certain. But Fed Ex usually knocks on my door, sets the package where I'll trip over it if I'm not paying attention, and leaves. I expected to find a package sitting in front of my door when I got home.

But, no. Then I was worried that somebody had come along, seen a big box and decided they'd like a good surprise package.

But today when I got up, I got curious and checked the door, and there was the box!

I've been on the internet all day and haven't even opened it yet, but it's here. I have to open it, check the manual, and call Comcast so they can send someone out to install the card(s) I'll need in it to let it decode the Comcast signal so that I can actually use it. Once that happens, I'll finally be rid of this piece of garbage that they gave me. The sad part about this is that they'll wipe the hard drive and give this lemon to another poor, unsuspecting Comcast customer! I feel bad for whoever gets it! Actually, I feel bad for any Comcast customer!

But at last, it's here!


The other package has in it the yarn for my Knitting Olympics project!

Part of it's lateness is my fault. I kept dithering around trying to decide what yarn I should get to knit because I couldn't decide what project I wanted to make. I finally gave up, submitted an order to Knit Picks, and then waited for delivery. And waited. And waited.

Knit Picks orders normally arrive very quickly! It could've arrived on Friday, when the Opening Ceremonies were held. That would have been really quick, and I didn't really expect it, but hoped. I have gotten things that quickly from them! They're really amazingly good.

But it didn't arrive on Friday. My apartment building won't let you pick up packages that are delivered on Saturday until Monday (normally) when there's someone in the office. But then Monday was a holiday, and the post office didn't deliver and there was nobody in the office. And it still wasn't here yesterday. Finally, today it arrived. I'll take pictures of the yarn and my start of the project, which is a vest. I plan to put a Triquetra on the back of it. I love Celtic knots, and I also love Charmed, which uses the triquetra as the symbol for the Charmed Ones. I hope to be able to knit the one with the ring through it which is shown in the second photo if you click on the link.

I probably should have at least started to write the pattern in the time I spent waiting for the yarn, but I haven't.

Oh, well.


Lost was on last night! I noticed lots of people complaining about the lack of answers so far on Twitter, but they are throwing us some good clues. I suspect that there will be only one of two key pieces of information near the end that will explain everything, and will make you want to watch the whole series all over again just so you can put all the pieces together for yourself.

There's a new Human Target tonight (I know it's not SF, but it's good), also new episodes of Leverage (also not SF) and Psych!


I've been reading the Septimus Heap books, and got the latest one of the series from the Library much sooner than I expected. I've been having lots of fun reading them, but I have two more to read (including the one from the library) and it's due back to the library today. I really hate to do this because I'm sure that someone else wants to read it, but it's going to go back late. The Septimus Heap books are great kids books for adults to read. I love them!

So, now I have two books to read and a knitting project to design, and knit in very little time.

I'm still feeling kind of beaten up from the physical abuse I had yesterday, so I'm not going to write here anymore. I'm going to get dinner and lay down and read for a while.

I hope you're having a happy, or at least successful lent, if you're observing it, and an all 'round good time if you're not! Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez!

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