Sunday, February 21, 2010

Has Anyone Seen Andrew Koenig?

Not long after the first Star Trek Movie came out, John and I went to New York City for a weekend of going to various science fiction conventions. If I remember correctly, John was a guest at one con, and we went to another Star Trek con. We just dropped in on that one to see a bunch of friends, notably, John's friend, Walter Koenig (Checkov on Star Trek).

Walter was busy talking to the fen, and everybody else was either busy running the con, appearing as a guest, or was a fan, and there to talk to people, and Walter had brought along his young son, who was introduced to me as Josh. He had gotten a game for Christmas that was the same one that Lisa had gotten for Christmas, and since I had played it with Lisa, I knew how to play.

So, Josh and I sat on the floor and played a board game, while the fen detoured around us for an hour or so.

Eventually, John and Walter came along and dragged the two of us away. I got to meet Walter, I got my photo taken with him, and John and I went on to other con activities.

Four years ago, when we were doing advance work on Fade Out (which eventually fell through), I suggested that we ask Josh if he wanted to be in the film. John told me that he doesn't like to be called that anymore, and that he prefers to be called Andrew.

I don't remember what happened to that suggestion after he corrected me, but since the whole movie collapsed, it didn't matter. I heard a few things about him from time to time since John and Walter are friends and Andrew and John's son Julian are also friends.

And then this weekend, I saw something on Facebook about Andrew being missing!

This is the official statement that Walter has asked to have copied and reposted:

Andrew Koenig, the son of Star Trek actor Walter Koenig, is missing. The last time Andrew Koenig was seen was on Valentine's Day, February 14, 2010, in Vancouver, British Columbia.
Andrew Koenig never boarded his flight back to the US, and he hasn't heard from since then.

He was last seen at a bakery in the Stanley Park area of Vancouver.

Andrew Koenig, 41, was working as a camera operator on the show "Never Not Funny" as well
as doing improv in Los Angeles. Best known as "Boner" from "Growing Pains", Andrew also
had a role in "Deep Space Nine", and is a talented actor director, editor and photographer as
well as a passionate activist. In 2008, he was arrested at the Rose Bowl while protesting
China's part in the genocide in the country of Burma.

This is a serious matter that has Koenig's friends and family gravely concerned. If you have
seen him, emailed him or had any contact after the 14th or spent time with him during his stay
in Vancouver please call Detective Raymond Payette of the Vancouver PD at 604-717-2534.

Please share this and send prayers and positive thoughts. If you wish to leave Walter a note,
visit his site at:

This is probably the best place on the internet to watch for upcoming
news. There's another article about him and more information
here, here and here..

I'm finding this very upsetting, and I'm really worried. I'm hoping for the best!

Please let Walter or the police know if you've seen him!

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