Thursday, May 28, 2009


The universe is going out of it's way today to show me how many stupid people there are in this world. Some of the examples are just dumb and even funny, but some verge on fraud and medical malpractice.

I was just watching TV via Comcast.

First of all, who in the world at ABC came up with the idea that it would be absolutely spellbinding to watch a spelling bee? It's right up there with golf for excitement and thrills! They could have started rerunning Ugly Betty, but no, they apparently think the public is really committed to watching children spell difficult words.

Anyway, they get to the commercial, and there are national commercials which Comcast blocks out so that they can show local commercials that they get paid for. They keep telling me they don't, but this is an example of how they actually do.

So a commercial starts out for the new movie Up. You hear a knock at the door, and see an old man walk to the door and look through the spyhole in the door. Here they change to another commercial, and you see a beautiful young woman getting dressed! 

I'm sure that the humor was inadvertent. Due to their high rate of messing up, this must have been entirely accidental. This is actually the least obnoxious mistake that Comcast has made in its entire history.


I got a bill from T-Mobile that I needed to get straightened out. The first problem is that I had a program on my old Sidekick 3 phone which had a $1.99 per month charge. I bought a new G1 phone from them on 26 Feb 09, so the charge should have stopped, effective that date. The bill testifies that the charge not only was not stopped and that they still want me to pay for it, but it also says that they want me to pay for this "service" that I'm not actually getting, THREE TIMES EACH MONTH! So, I called them to get it straightened out. They promised me that it would be fixed, but they promised that for the future, not right now. It has to go to the billing department to be fixed.

So, I'm still slightly annoyed that although they promised it will be fixed, it currently isn't.

Then I go on to ask questions about the billing for my new phone, and discover that although I wrote a check for $102.99 (and they got paid $102.99), the person in the store (who apparently can't read or count) reported to T-Mobile that I paid $68 instead. Now I have to go over there and yell in the store. I'm really not happy with this. It said the amount on the check. I told her the amount of the check. And she was still stupid enough (or larcenous enough) to write down $68!

So, now my only recourse is to spend money and time to go over there on the bus and prove to them that they have an error. And if I go on the bus, I'm going to be in serious pain by the time I get home! I am past anger and into rage over this!

My bad temper from all this was helped along by the fact that I'm having to fill out all sorts of forms about my financial situation for a couple of government agencies, with the attendant frustration over questions that don't really explain what they're asking, coupled with all the fun of looking up all the paperwork to prove the information I've put on the forms.

But then I get a call from my daughter, Holly. Her blood pressure is dangerously low because an incompetent doctor has taken someone with a perfectly acceptable blood pressure and convinced her that she has high blood pressure and should take medicine for it. The result is that here blood pressure is now so low that she can't stand up without feeling faint.

I hate doctors that just want to sell drugs! I run across them all the time! There was an idiot (apparently the word  "endocrinologist" is synonymous with "moron") at the VA hospital in DC who wanted to prescribe a drug that nearly killed me the first and last time I took it. He was really determined, too. He kept insisting that it couldn't have possibly have caused what it did, even though the labeling carries a warning that it can do that! He seemed to want to kill me just so that he could sell some drugs, which is especially weird because the government would have been paying for them. Everything that fool wanted to prescribe was injurious to me! So, after a trip all the way to DC, I still had to go see another doctor if I wanted to avoid death, because he absolutely refused to prescribe anything that wouldn't cause harm to me.

Which is reminding me of another idiot doctor at the VA who looked in my ear and pronounced it healthy. It's NOT, and I'm thinking that rather than going over there and giving back the hearing aids, I think I'll go over there and try to get some actual help, for a change.

As if my mood wasn't bad enough after all this, I talked to a friend who has been desperately trying to hang on through this depression that they're calling a recession, and he's losing the battle. 

They plan to turn off his electricity tomorrow, his girlfriend's car was just repossessed, and the bank has been telling him that they're renegotiating the mortgage and there's nothing to worry about, he won't lose the house, but they're also telling him that they're about to foreclose. I wish I could help, but I'm in nearly as bad shape as he is.

I'm at a point where I want to hit something!


ABC will be having a show on Friday evening entitled Un-Broke: What You Need to Know About Money. With any luck, it'll be more helpful than the stupid thing that was on last week, where they showed you how to save a but of money on things that were already outrageously expensive.

But there's some good news:

Pushing Daisies will be on ABC on Saturday evening! Obviously, it's a rerun (because it's been canceled),  but Pushing Daisies is always worth watching. Check your schedules and find the wacky pie-maker with a supernatural ability, his dead girlfriend, and their friend, the knitting detective!

I hope you've been having a better day than I have!

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