Saturday, May 23, 2009

Happy Start of the Memorial Day Weekend!

Memorial Day weekend is here, and it's been frustrating for Holly so far.

She came out her front door today and discovered that the five million people who attend the church across the street from her had, with the help of a bus, double parked all up and down her street and blocked in her car. And as if that wasn't enough, there was a parade, complete with marching band going down her street.

I asked her why Rolling Thunder wasn't also in the parade.

She called to say that she couldn't make it today, but that she'd go out around midnight and move the car to a place where she'd be able to get it tomorrow.

She called back later to tell me that she'd enjoyed the new Star Trek movie so much that she decided to see it again, but that they had sold out all the tickets, and she couldn't go. I wished her less frustration for the rest of the weekend.


I have gotten one quarter of the way through my shawl today, which was the deadline for the end of the month for my Charms OWL assignment in the Harry Potter House Cup KAL, so I can quit worrying about that. The yarn for the copy of Hermione's hat hadn't arrived as of yesterday, and the post office has been instructed not to leave packages here on Saturday, so I probably won't get it before Tuesday.


Practical Magic will be on tonight. Check your TV guide, and enjoy! Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

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