Monday, June 2, 2008

Even More Big News!

Wow! I'm just full of it lately!

The current big news is that my other granddaughter has gotten engaged!

Kyle was asked by her boyfriend, Bob, to marry him and she accepted.

I don't have a lot of details yet, but will keep you updated.

Friday is shaping up to be a great day on Scifi.

They'll be showing Firefly during their daytime rotation, with their usual segue into evening stuff.

Firefly will start with Jaynestown (set your VCRs and DVRs), and will go through a number of episodes. If you've seen Our Mrs. Reynolds, you'll want to see Trash. And they'll be showing The Message, which is the one where Jayne gets a hat from his mom. The hat is the worst thing I've ever seen anybody knit. It has to be seen to be flummoxed.

Check your local listings.

There will be the usual brand new Doctor Who episode, but Sarah Jane will not be joining us on Friday.

Instead, there will be the first episode of Charlie Jade, a show that (if my information is correct) hasn't been shown in the US before. I have read some rave reviews by people who have seen it. Not having seen it myself, I can't say.

Have a great week!

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