Saturday, September 27, 2008

Steve Canyon Flies Again!

Last night, I got the last of the files from John I'll need to create the cover he designed for the first Steve Canyon DVD of the series. And a few extra, really neat photos!

Such excitement! I was up until almost 5 am downloading files, and going into ecstasies about some of the beautiful art coming up!

The photos are about 50 years old, so they'll need a little help before they're ready to be shown off at their best, looking better than they did when they were taken. This is kind of the the artistic version of "digitally remastered."

Here's one of the photos I like. It's of one of the pins, which has seen better days.

The pin is original, but the photo is new. This is what some of the art looks like before we spiff it up. Look for this in the future cleaned up and looking brand, sparkly new!

I think that even after being in the Air Force and flying T-34s (fighter trainers), I'm still a kid at heart, and would love to have a set of Steve Canyon Airangers wings! My mom always did wonder what I was going to be like when I grew up!

For a taste of what's coming, see The Steve Canyon Blog, and get a copy of the Special Edition Steve Canyon DVD at a really low we-want-to-let-people-know-about-this price!

And check this out!

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