Saturday, July 24, 2010

San Diego Comic Con Saturday

I was going to mention that there's been a Doctor Who marathon on BBC in America for a while, and it'll continue on into the evening, but then I discovered that G4 is showing Comic Con live on TV!

I'm continuing to retweet stuff from people at the con, so you can read it in my sidebar (or follow me on Twitter).

In a slightly odd juxtaposition of events, the Yarn Harlot is behind on her spinning for the Tour de Fleece, and seems to have gone into panic mode. She's putting beer in the fridge, watching TV and spinning. She also commented that she thought that chilling beer with a single look would be an excellent superpower to have!

I was on the computer a while ago, and John caught me on Facebook for a chat direct from the halls of Comic Con, where they happen to have free wifi! We discussed some things that he's working on that seem to be going well at the con. He didn't want me to talk about those things until they were certain, so this is really disappointing, isn't it? Why did I even bring it up? Sorry!

Considering that I'm not even at Comic Con, I'm having a lot of fun with it.

If you follow Natalie Moralez on Twitter, she's roaming around the con and Tweeting photos.

I'm just going nutso over all this!

Hope you're having a great weekend! I'm going to go try to watch several things at once on TV! I'll be Tweeting any breaking news today and tomorrow!



I've been so excited about this that I forgot to add the photo John put up direct from the con!

That's him on the right and Charles Chioto on the left, and they seem to be doing something related to Steve Canyon, which is normal behavior for John!

Well, I feel dumb. They were in shadow, so I lightened it up and didn't lighten up the part where Charles is holding up two of the DVDs with the covers I did! You can see better images of the DVDs here, though.

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