Friday, July 30, 2010

New Vehicle for Holly and Robin!

Well, it's not actually new, but they're trading in their old car and getting a newer Hummer H3.

The dealer didn't have what they wanted on hand, so it's getting shipped in from North Carolina, and it's on it's way. It's supposed to be dark green, but the dealer sent her photos, and they're of a blue one. I'm guessing that the photos are generic ones and not of her particular vehicle. But here goes:

It's a shame, because the blue color in the photo is really pretty.

Here's what the front seats look like.

Once again, I think this is a generic photo because the seats in the car they're getting are supposed to be black leather. Back seats look like this:

And here's the cargo area:

It looks like the back seats go down to provide even more space if you're not carrying people, too.

I am so excited! I can't wait to ride in it! Holly says it has lots of blind spots, though, so I'm less than eager to drive it.

Something seems to be in the air, because Lynn got a new vehicle, too. You may remember that I recently had photos up of her beautiful, not-very-old Prius with it's front smashed in. I can only guess that the insurance people thought she should get a new one rather than fix the smashed one.

But here are the photos:

The front seats:

And the cargo area:

And I think that's enough car photos  for one post.


The Monday before last, I had something happen that embarrassed me.

There is a lady who lives across the hall from me, Ms. Ray. She's a really wonderful, friendly person.

Well, I rode downstairs with her in the elevator, and she was telling me that in spite of the soundproofing in the building (which is very good), when I laugh, she can hear me all the way across the hall! She said that she enjoys it, though, because every time she hears me laughing, she has to giggle, too.


There's some great science fiction on TV this weekend! You need to check it out for yourself because there's just so much! TNT will be rerunning The Librarian trilogy on Sunday. SyFy will be serving up a lot of serviceable "B" movies most of the weekend, and don't forget to check out BBC in America. There will be a new Being Human on Saturday. Oh, and Hallmark seems to be running all the Mystery Woman series on Saturday, so if you like mysteries and haven't seen them, it's worth watching.

I'm not going to give you any more hints than that because there's just too much to list, so check out everything!

And have a wonderful weekend!

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