Saturday, December 27, 2008

We Had a Merry Christmas!

Holly and I went to Maryland to see Malaia and John for Christmas.

We arrived just in time for dinner and enjoyed it thoroughly, along with the good company.

They had the ultimate tree for anyone with allergies, a child or a dog. The tree was painted on the window, and could not be knocked over by children or pets.

It's also not susceptible to fire like the one shown here.

You can see the tree and presents.

Here's a photo of my granddaughter, Malaia.

And here is a series of photos of Holly opening presents.

We started out with everybody politely opening presents and disposing of the paper properly, and it soon degraded to the point where there were drifts of wrapping paper in the living room.

It didn't take long for Malaia to wad up a piece of discarded wrapping paper and throw it at Johnny, who, of course, grabbed some paper and retaliated. You can probably see where this is going. There was a lot of paper throwing, running around, and screaming. Most of it happened too quickly to see it all, but it ended with John trying to fish wrapping paper out of his shirt.

We fished the copy of Invader out of Everett's package and watched it along with other movies on DVD. I hadn't watched it in a while, and I was surprised at how it took me back to making it. 

Holly and I came back yesterday early in the afternoon. It was a really fun trip!

I hope you all had as much fun as I did!

Oh, and I got a small folding pocket knife (with a bottle opener included), and a gift card to Michaels. Holly is getting me a really neat gift, but she ordered it online (she couldn't find it anyplace else) and it hasn't arrived yet. There will be photos when it arrives.

Have a great Saturday!

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