Monday, December 15, 2008

Happy Birthday, Heather!

It's my daughter's sister's birthday today.

Happy birthday, Heather!


There's so much to do for Christmas, and I don't want to post photos here, so you'll have to wait for them until after people get their gifts.

I'm still waiting for the rest of the yarn and the needles I need to do the stockings,  along with a batch of other things to make Christmas presents and cards with.

I hope to have a wonderful, quick Christmas pattern up on my blog in the next day of two.


I've installed some new software, and I'm hoping it will help me print from System 9 on my computer. I'm excited to get Christmas Cards out this year (if I can print them). My new printer is a Kodak 5500, and it appears to be a marvelous printer. The hardware is so lovable! I haven't tried everything on it yet, but I can already tell you that they don't include a operator's manual, and the online documentation leaves a lot to be desired. Like operating instructions.

Some of it is intuitive. There's a "copy" button, a "scan" button, a "fax" button (although I haven't got it plugged into a phone line), a few other self-explanatory buttons and a "start" button. Some of the things I want to print are pattern booklets and I'd like to be able to print two-sided (which it advertises it will do). The sum total of the instructions are to use the booklet setting, and it claims it will print a booklet ready to saddle stitch.

Oh, and I found a cheap saddle stitcher online, so next month (when I have another influx of money) I'll get it. Providing, of course, that I can get the "booklet" feature up and running.


The SciFi Channel's schedule has been fixed and is now back up on the site, just in time to let us know about some great stuff on the daytime rotation this week. 

Today, Haunted is on. This was a very short-lived show on SciFi about a year ago, and apparently created in 2002. It stars Mathew Fox, and was obviously pre-Lost. I noticed that throughout Haunted, he has part of the tattoo we've all grown to know and love from Lost. What you can see is the 5 and stars, with a dirty smudge above it, so I suspect that Mr. Fox may actually have that tattoo.

Appropriately, it's followed by Lost itself at 2:00 (here). They've moved it up in it's time slot today so they can show some movies this evening.

The daytime this week will include: Tuesday, a Doctor Who episode (The Runaway Bride), followed by the Sarah Jane Adventures; Wednesday, The Outer Limits; Thursday, Friday the 13th; and Friday, an assortment of movies followed by reruns of Sanctuary in the evening.

Legend of the Seeker moved in it's time slot on Saturday, and they showed the first episode at it's new time. Sorry if you missed it, I had no idea that they were going to show the first one.


It's sunny once again today. We had such a long, unbroken stretch of overcast weather that I've really wanted to get out these past few days because of the sun. I have to get out and do some stuff today because the weather forecast says it'll be rainy all the rest of the week, starting with possible showers this afternoon.

Have a great day!

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