Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Shopping Adventure

Friday morning I woke up and it looked like this out my window.

Friday evening, I had gotten this far on the first Christmas stocking. More about that later.

Saturday, Holly and I went out shopping for Christmas presents.

We stopped in at AC Moore in Manassas. I was looking for some pretty bags to put presents in rather than wrapping them. I found a couple of bags, and that's it. I did find an afghan with a starry border around the bottom, and bought it for an amazingly low price. Here you see it under my very small Christmas tree over the table that is holding the tree at the right height for the window. I think it looks very Christmassy, and fits in with the blue and white theme in my living room. It goes with all the other stuff in my living room that also has stars, too.

We went to Best Buy, which is next door, and Holly got a couple of Christmas presents. Next stop was WalMart, where Holly got some more Christmas presents, but kept seeing things that she wanted for herself.

We were both disappointed with not finding things at the Manassas WalMart. They had no 2 liter bottles of Coke, sold out by a lot of shoppers in the store. I had some lights that I wanted to hang in the window this year, but needed an extension cord to run from the top of the window down to the outlet, and they didn't have any. Holly found some boots that she fell in love with, but they didn't have her size.

But there were some things we wanted that they just plain don't carry anymore. Their yarn section has shrunk to a small fraction of what it used to be. Almost all they had was Red Heart Super Saver, a cheap, scratchy, awful yarn. I've noticed that the Super Saver section in every WalMart store is always nice and neat and full, and I suspect that it's because nobody ever buys it.

We went across the street and had dinner at Ruby Tuesday, and had a lot of fun talking about so many different subjects. We discussed Christmas presents, and both decided that we wanted to go to a WalMart that is usually stocked in hopes of finding the things we didn't find at the one in Manassas.

So we went out to the car in the brightly lit parking lot, and drove out into the brightly lit street.

It wasn't until we got out onto Prince William Parkway, and away from the lights that we were aware of the problem we had.

There were no headlights on in the car.

Holly pulled off the road into a little, dark side road, and we tried to figure out what the problems was. We discovered that by holding the steering column control for the high brights, we could get them to come on. But the control had to be held continuously to keep the lights on. Nothing else worked.

We drove to an auto parts store, and everybody there insisted we needed new bulbs for the headlights. This seemed improbable to me, since I've never had TWO headlights burn out simultaneously. Holly bought new headlights and the guy from the store helped install them. 

Surprise! It made no difference at all.

So we looked at the fuses, and the guy from the store got a fuse tester and we tested all of them. All of them were working fine.

So we went to Pep Boys, and they said that it was almost closing time, and they couldn't help us.

So, the rest of the Christmas shopping was cancelled, and Holly took me home and drove home holding the control for the high brights the whole way. She sent me a text message to let me know she got home safely.

Here's a soothing photo of my Christmas tree to help mend your jangled nerves.

After I got home last night, I started feeling really bad. I ached all over and felt too hot and too cold at the same time. I've been sick and felt too hot and then too cold, but never at the same time before. I would have thought it was impossible. Apparently not.  I was also really tired, so finally gave up and went to sleep early, which was probably a good idea because I woke up today feeling much better except for my hand.

It didn't seem like I felt all that cold last night during all the time we spent standing outside the car trying to fix it. Actually Holly and the guy from the store did the fixing and I held the light. It was cold out there, but I didn't feel cold except for my fingertips after a while. 

But my hand hurt a lot last night. I've been doing everything I can think of to help, but I haven't knitted at all so far today. I don't know what suddenly happened to it unless it was the cold. 

I'm going to have another round of nutrients that are good for joints (MSM, etc.), take an Aleve, and put a warm pack on my hand before trying to do any more knitting.

I have to get my Christmas cards printed and sent out, too.

For all of you out there who are suffering from pre-Christmas stress, here's something to help. It's a Christmas tree made of acrobatic Teddy bears. Run your mouse over them to see what happens.

I hope you had a great weekend, and happy Monday!

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