Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Happy Thyroid Day!

Happy Thyroid Day!

I didn't realize it was Thyroid Day until I had already posted the previous post about Towel Day (make sure you scroll down and read the Towel Day post).

Thyroid problems are serious, and doctors don't seem to know much about them, so I want to get the word out there. The biggest problem with doctors not knowing anything about thyroid problems is that they think they know it all, which leads them to ignore most of the people who come to them looking for help for their very real problems.

I'm guessing that about 90% of hypothyroid people suspect, but don't know that they are hypothyroid because their doctors have told them that they don't have a problem with their thyroid. That's my own statistic with no validity other than my personal observation. I walk around and notice people in stores and otherwise out in public who are displaying obvious signs of hypothyroidism, and if I walk up and talk to them about it, they'll assure me that their doctor insists that there's nothing wrong with them.

Doctors are being mislead about hypothyroidism by the drug companies, who don't care at all about your health, only their bottom line. They'd rather see you take dangerous and expensive statin medicines for the high cholesterol that hypothyroidism brings on. And, by the way, if you have high cholesterol, you DO have low thyroid function! Testing cholesterol used to be a test for thyroid function. If cholesterol is high, thyroid function is low. That's an absolute fact!

The drug companies would also rather sell you antidepressants and other expensive medications than do anything to fix your thyroid function and actually make you well.

And if you are so low on thyroid function that you actually get diagnosed, they want the doctors to sell you T4 only drugs like Synthroid, which will not fix your cholesterol or keep you from having other problems and them from selling you other drugs for those problems.

It's almost impossible, but try to find a doctor who is willing to prescribe a natural desiccated thyroid drug like Armor Thyroid, West Throid, or Nature Throid. These "drugs" contain just what your own, natural thyroxin contains, and they'll actually make you well, as opposed to the synthetic drugs, which won't help you at all, but will make the tests come out right, but won't help you at all.

Do click the link above. It will direct you to lots of other information that's really important.

And even if you don't think you might have hypothyroidism, check the long and pathetic list of hypothroid symptoms! It's an eye opener! And it might help you direct a friend to get help.

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  1. Thank you for posting this.I have a unhealthy thyroid, too and I've been taking desiccated porcine tablets ever since.I'm frightened that this disease might cause cancer, too and that's why I always take good care of my health.