Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Braindead Blankness

I wanted to blog yesterday because I haven't put up a post in a while. Well, I couldn't think of anything to say yesterday, and I still can't.

When I started blogging, I thought, why are all those other bloggers moaning about not having anything to say? I don't think I'll ever run out of things to talk about.

Well, I've realized that mostly, I talk about what I'm doing. I seem to always be doing something creative and interesting. But this past week and a half, I've been spending most of my time running around trying to avert a series of catastrophes that all seem to all be happening at once.

Here's a video that will cheer you up before all the rest of the blog:

Holly told me about this the other night, and most of these things are stupid, but this one is irresistibly funny. This won't play on my ancient computer, so I hope it plays on yours. It plays beautifully on my Galaxy Tab!

Back to the subject.

The Galaxy Tab that I got was wonderful for the first five hours, and then it seemed to crash and burn. I finally figured out that if I'm going to load up a bunch of apps and tons of files, it either has to have more memory or it's going to lose it's mind (or at least all it's computing capability). There's a memory card on it's way to me now, and, hopefully, it'll arrive today.

I just took a moment to check, and, according to the internet, it's waiting downstairs for me, and I have 13 minutes to pick it up (we can only get packages during certain hours at or apartment place). In actual practice, I might be able to get it later. The packaging might fit into my mailbox. Most paperback books will fit in there. It's only a micro SD card, which isn't really big. It's about the size of a fingernail, which leads me to believe that they may overcompensate and put it in some large packaging.


Speaking of books, I got the copy of Charted Knitting Designs that I ordered to make me feel a bit better for not being able to go to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. I bought the original book, which was later published as a Third Treasury of Knitting Designs. It's got a stitch pattern in it that I've been looking everywhere for without success. I plan to make a spectacular new pattern with it, and I'm not telling you about it because it's going to be a surprise. So that's good. I've had this design in the back of my mind for several years, and it looks like I'm finally going to bee able to make it.


John called up the night before last. He wanted help finding a file I made for him. He's working on something, and it looks like some of my art is going to be in a book, and, at least theoretically, I should get a credit for it in the book! I've put together lots of books, but they've all been of someone else's work. Oh, I've done tech illustrating and drawings that got into manuals and other publications, and the design of those publications was mine, but none that showcases some of my work specifically. I'm excited!


The TiVo has arrived back at the TiVo place, and they said I should get the replacement in seven to ten days. I can't wait! This Comcast DVR acts like it was made of stone knives and bearskins.


You can tell that sweeps month is over. There's really nothing on TV tonight. The first night with some really good TV will be Saturday, in the person of Doctor Who. They'll be rerunning The Doctor's Wife, from last week, and it's a really good episode (it was written by Neil Gaiman, so it has to be good), so if you missed it, here's your chance to catch it again.

I'm still trying to find some way to replace my dying TV, and I'm rapidly running out of ideas. I'd really like to replace it with something that I can move myself if I have to, which means one of the newer, flat TVs that you can hang on the wall like a painting if you want to. My first thought was Craig's List, but you can only get older CRTs at any kind of good price there.


Not only am I trying to handle all the stuff that's being attacked by entropy, but I'm still in a mental fog from all the tree pollen which drifted in my window while it was warm outside, but the A/C still hadn't been turned on. It's going to take me months to recover.

Maybe I can make a really neat knitting project in the meantime, though. And get it written up, formatted and into a PDF so it can be for sale. Along with the mobius projects I'm still working on.

I hope the rest of your week is much better than mine has been so far!

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