Friday, November 5, 2010

Hello! I'm Still Here!

I know I said I'd be knitting Christmas projects and wouldn't be blogging much, but I did intend to write more than this!

With the air conditioner off, I had the windows open, and have collected an enormous amount of allergens that have floated through the window, and attacked my nose, sinuses, eyes, and almost every other part of me with a vengeance!

I have a list of symptoms that is both enormous and disgusting, so I won't even tell you about them.

I visited the doctor yesterday and then went for my regular trip to WalMart, which was truly ghastly for someone who feels the way I do at the moment. And I got rained on almost all day, and discovered that I didn't have the bus schedule in my knitting bag, so I waited almost an hour for the bus home.

The doctor changed my medicine, and gave me some samples so that I didn't have to go to the drug store immediately. Anyway, the new regime is either going to make me feel a lot better, or much worse. The last thing that he thought was going to be a miracle should have been called allergy in a bottle! It had the same effect on me in one minute as three or four weeks of ragweed exposure!

So, I'm going to do some housework, brace myself, and try the medicine.

You'll either hear from me tomorrow, saying how great I feel, or you won't hear anything for a week.

The Christmas projects proceed apace, and I can't show you most of them, only the ones for people who don't read my blog, so that's going to be boring. Sorry!


There's a new Medium, Supernatural, Sanctuary and is Stargate Universe new tonight or did I miss it the other night? I'm confused, which is not difficult, given the way I feel. I recorded the stuff that was on last night, and still haven't seen most of it!

Have a fabulous weekend, and feel free to leave a comment and tell me about the amazing knitting projects you're making for others this Christmas. After all, the people you're knitting for don't read my blog, do they? Unlike my friends and relatives, who check the blog to see what they're getting for Christmas!

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  1. Grandma, I don't read your blog...You can show pictures of my Christmas gift...I promise not to look!! ;)