Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

This seems to sum up Saint Patrick's Day most years for most people, so I thought it would be appropriate.

Another thing that I think is appropriate is sharing with you a recipe for a drink called an Irish Fog, invented by an SCA friend of mine, Alan Feldman/Baron Silver.

1 part Jameson's
1 part Drambuie
1 part Irish Cream

Combine, with or without crushed ice, shake, and serve. It tastes like a chocolate milkshake, positively yummy! It will make you drunkish!

I was going to give you a link to Wikipedia, where they give you a long dissertation on the history of Saint Patrick's Day, but I think this is more fun!

It's a Harry Potter Weekend!

ABC Family is having a Harry Potter weekend (again). Yes, I know they've already done it to death, but it's still fun for me, so I thought it might be fun for you, too.

Currently, they're showing Goblet of Fire, which is appropriate, because they attend the quiddich world cup in the beginning, and Ireland wins, so there's a lot of shamrock and leprechaun symbolism in it.

The New Knitty Is Out!

The Spring issue of Knitty is out, and you can see the new patterns here!

It's getting up near 90 degrees in here, and I just can't stand to sit and write any more.

I hope your whole weekend is fabulous!

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