Friday, July 15, 2011

John Ellis!

About 35 years ago, at August Party, I started talking to the stranger next to me. We had only exchanged a few words when Jacqueline Lichtenberg came by and introduced us to each other.

That was the start of a friendship that has lasted about 35 years (next month).

Here's John on a WSFA cruise on a tall ship:

Here he is doing what he does best:

Having John as a friend is a fun ride! I've gotten to meet all sorts of interesting people. He seems to know everybody, and is quick to point out everybody's strengths and accomplishments at every opportunity. And he's also big on creating opportunities, not only for himself, but for those around him. He's a fabulous artist, and knows film making from from one end to the other. He's produced, directed, and done almost every other job you can think of involving film making.

Things I've done that I might never have done if it hadn't been for him:

  • I worked on several movies, including Invader and New Genesis (which had the working title of Twilight of the Dogs, and will always be referred to as Twilight by me).
  • Miscellaneous work on some other films.
  • Doing the covers for the Steve Canyon on DVD TV shows.
  • Helped put on at least three science fiction conventions in a major role, and a few others in a minor role.

I got to meet:

He's not only been the best friend, but has enriched my life in so many ways! He's also improved the lives of everyone around him.

And now you can read about him on Wikipedia! He's got his own listing here!

And here's a recent photo of him in front of an Apollo capsule:

He's one of my favorite people ever!


Oh, and I just found out that I was nominated for a Shorty award last Fall! I didn't get it, but I feel it's an honor to be nominated!

Hope you have a great weekend!

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