Sunday, May 2, 2010

Happy Beltain... a Little Late!

You know you've been to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival a lot when you walk into Susan's Fiber Shop, and Susan says "Hey, girl! Good to see you again!"

Yesterday was probably the best Sheep and Wool Festival I've been to!

A couple of years ago, the nearly impossible happened. I walked and walked and walked around the festival and found almost nothing that I wanted to buy! I didn't think it was possible, and imagined it was just me, but Holly found almost nothing she wanted, too. We both intended to buy knitting (or in my case, possibly spinning--fiberarts) stuff, and were disappointed. Holly did get a nice set of runes on semiprecious gemstones.

I didn't do as much walking due to the fact that I wanted to see the demo of the new Majacraft wheel, and got to Susan's Fiber Shop about 45 minutes early. I used up 15 or 20 minutes looking at all the great stuff that is for sale there, and then realized that there was less than a half hour to the demo, so I stayed and waited.

I'll talk more about the demo tomorrow or Tuesday.

For a change, I seemed to be in reasonably good health for the actual festival. Usually, all the walking, and the tree pollen wind up sending my digestive system into overdrive and I spend a significant time at the ladies room, standing in line, and using the facilities. This time all the digestive unhappiness waited until the next day to strike, and I'm really happy about that! If I have to have the misery, I'd rather have it the next day, where I have my own, private bathroom only a few steps away.

But this is making me feel less like sitting here writing than doing other relaxing things.

I will say that I got some fabulous swag, and had lots of fun!

Then I came home and got to watch the new Doctor Who episode, Victory of the Daleks!

I have a pressing appointment with the facilities again, so, more later!

Hope you're having a great weekend!

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