Monday, May 17, 2010


It's a chilly (55 degrees), wet, rainy, overcast day here in Northern Virginia, or NoVA, as the locals call it.

In New Orleans, it's 86 degrees right now, and mostly sunny. 

The other night, Robin came home ticked off about something. He said he was tired of living in such an expensive place, and said he'd been thinking about moving to New Orleans and starting a restaurant/bar.

Well, he's been thinking about starting his own restaurant ever since I've known him, so that's nothing new. The New Orleans part is, at least for me.

Holly's reaction was that she's been thinking about it ever since they went there for Mardi Gras last year. I get the impression that Robin was surprised that she'd been thinking the same thing he had.

So, Holly's been looking at real estate listings, and finding some interesting things.

They've been saving money for a while, and real estate prices are low enough there that they can probably buy an apartment building with four apartments. Not finance. Just go and buy outright. 

The plan is that they would live in one apartment, I'd have another, and they'd rent out two more apartments. I'm guessing that electricity and water would be included in the rents, so the rent they collected would pay taxes, utilities, and give them some profit every month (until something broke down). Which would mean that they'd be living free (and making some kind of a profit) and I'd be living nearly free. And I'd be able to get some other cable company instead of Comcast!

All of this is just dreams and thinking about it. There have been no decisions made as yet.

My thoughts on it range from "How will Lynn be able to visit?" and "No more Sheep and Wool Festival!" to "Wow, no more rent! If I save my money, I can buy a TV that's not broken!"


Speaking of Comcast, I was trying to watch Legend of the Seeker last night and the reception was horrible! It would be OK for as much as three minutes, then the picture would freeze, the sound would go off, and I'd have to wait about 10 to 15 seconds. Then the picture and sound would start again (from the new location, skipping a section of the show), with the sound at a drastically different level, ranging from nothing to stick-your-finger-in-a-light-socket-loud! 

I called them and they refreshed my DVR. None of the rest of the channels seemed to be having problems that were more than usual.

After being refreshed, it seemed to work for about 10 minutes. But the second I hung up with them, it started all over I called back and they said they'd send out a supervisor (not a repairman) to look at the wiring in the entire building. I've only mentioned about thirty times that everybody else in the building that I've talked to has been having the same problems I've been having, and somebody seems to have finally heard me. So, they'll be out Wednesday, and look at the wiring in the whole building!

Which probably means that TV will be off for at least part of Wednesday afternoon.


I read something today that says Legend of the Seeker has been canceled. They did seem to be building up to the very end, so I'm not entirely surprised, but I am disappointed. I like that show!

Legend of the Seeker comes from the Terry Goodkind books The Sword of Truth series of books.

Tonight, there will be something on SyFy (tonight, late) called The Sword of Truth, and I can't find much about it anywhere. I'm not sure that it has anything to do with The Sword of Truth series of books, but I'm going to record it, just in case.

There will be no Supernatural on this Thursday evening because Sweeps month is almost up and they're reserving the last week for a two hour Smallville, If you watched last week's episode of Supernatural, you know that the end of the season was very final. I've been looking around, and from what I can find, I don't think it's been cancelled. Remember back when they opened the gates of Hell, and we didn't get to find out what happened until the next year? Well, this one wasn't like that. 

Stop here if you don't want a spoiler. 

This one ended with Sam in Hell (this time), but Dean had gone back to his girlfriend and the kid that he thought (for a short while) was his son. Then they panned out the window of a happy family moment, and you could see someone watching from outside. They panned back more, and it was Sam, so apparently his stint in Hell wasn't as bad as Dean's previous one.

Oh, well. If it's back on next season, I'll be happy.

We've had a full day of Ghost Whisperer on SyFy, and it's going to continue right on into the evening! On broadcast TV, there will be a brand new Chuck, Big Bang Theory, and Castle.

On the subject of science fiction, I was talking to Holly last night and I recommended a really good movie to her. It's called Vibes, and stars Jeff Goldblum and Cindy Lauper, and I love that movie! I looked it up on Amazon because I was telling her about it, and it's available (at long last) on DVD! It was previously available only on VHS. I can't wait for the next influx of money to get it!



Well, that about does it for a chilly, rainy day in NoVA. Have a great week!

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