Saturday, September 10, 2011

Knit Jargon

Not too long ago, I joined an online knitting group called Knitting Paradise. They have an online forum, and it's the first knitting one I've really gotten involved in, largely because they send me an email every day with a link.

There was recently a link to a thread about knitting jargon, and I thought it was so funny that I'm going to try to organize it a bit here so you can all enjoy it.

If I find more jargon, I'll just add it here, so you may want to come back sometime in the future to check it.

  • CAL: Crochet A Long. I know it should be crochet along, but the acroynym doesn't work that way.
  • CIP: Crochet In Progress.
  • Frog: The rip-it, rip-it stitch.
  • KAL: Knit A Long. I know it should be Knit along, but the acronym doesn't work that way.
  • KIP: Knit In Progress.
  • Lifeline: A contrasting smooth yarn that's threaded through a row on complicated patterns so that later you can frog back to it if you make a mistake.
  • LYS: Local Yarn Store.
  • OTK : On The (Knitting)Needles, aka WIP.
  • PIGS: Projects In Grocery Sacks.
  • SABLE: Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy. We have Stephanie Pearl McPhee to thank for that one.
  • SEX: Stash enrichment expedition.
  • SKANK: funny way of saying skein of yarn (skein+hank=skank) 
  • TINK: To unknit. TINK is KNIT spelled backward.
  • TOAD: Trashed Object Abandoned in Disgust 
  • WIP: Work in Progress.
  • Yarn barf: When you try to pull yarn from the center of the ball and can't find the end, it creates yarn barf.

Just a little update for you knitters who may not have heard all the latest expressions. PIGS, TOAD and SEX were new to me, but I love them!

Have a great weekend, in spite of it being the anniversary of 911, and all the grief that's going to stir up!

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