Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Summer!

Today is the Summer Solstice, otherwise known as the first day of Summer! It's (obviously) the longest day of the year. You can get more sun today than any other day of the year!

Some people would argue that Memorial Day Weekend marks the beginning of Summer, and it certainly seemed to where I live. We had cool weather this year until that weekend, when it suddenly shot up into the 90s, and hasn't had a high lower than about 80 degrees for any day since.

I hope your first day of Summer has been the best!


I think Susan was in an especially good mood yesterday or something. A asked her if I could have the doorbell since it's installed with Velcro, and she said that would be all right.

I also got a plan to deal with having to check in twice a day to prove I'm still alive OK'd. It's not in effect yet, but will be soon. What a relief!

I also put a notice up on the bulletin board to see if there are other people in the building who have hearing problems to form sort of a support group. I haven't heard from anybody yet.


The only real science fiction that's on tonight is the second episode of The Nine Lives of Chloe King on ABC Family.

But, if you like spy fi, Covert Affairs will be airing a brand new episode on USA. Immediately before it, a new White Collar will be on, and that's always lighthearted fun.

TNT will be having a new episode of Memphis Beat, too, which I've gotten fond of mostly for the music. Oh, and it's got heart!

Have a fabulous evening!

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